Let the Apocalypse begin....

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About Nightmare Apocalypse

'Nightmare Apocalypse' is a homemade comic made by a young girl named Kaleigh Reeves in 2011. She based it off of her and her classmates.

Nightmare apocalypse is the first in the apocalypse series by Kaleigh Reeves. The sequel, 'Highschool Apocalypse', is about the same classmates in highshool (with the exception of the past deceased). The school in the first book is based off of 'KPS' (Keewatin Public School in Keewatin, Ontario.) The highschool is based off of 'BBSS.' (Beaver Brae Secondary School in Kenora, Ontario.) In Nightmare Apocalypse, a meteorite consisting of unidentified bacterial-like species hits the forestry area near Kenora, Ontario. In a nearby bar, a drunken man who's had too much alchohol is kicked out. Due to fatigue and being unaware of his surroundings, the drunk man walks into the foresty area, touching the meteorite. Upon touching the meteorite, the bacteria-like species spreads rapidly over his body. Unfortunately, a rabid wolf attacks the man, biting him several times, mixing the rabies and unidentified bacteria. Mentioned in Highschool Apocalypse, the given name for this disease is 'The Dark Plague'. Meanwhile at Keewatin Public School, the grade 7/8 class are having a sleepover at the school to celebrate the next day being the last day of school until summer break. While they sleep soundly inthe gym, the dark plague spreads in a matter of minutes across Kenora and Keewatin. Will the classmates survive the apocalypse? Who will fall? What can a small group of classmates accomplish on their own?     

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